About Us

Right Product, Right Colour, Right Match.

A Little Bit About Us

Here at Banbury Bodyshop suppliesĀ  we do our best to colour match anything that you bring into us. It could be a piece of paper, a bit of fabric or a panel off of a car, motorcycle or van. We can even make up a colour with you if you should so wish.

We also have experienced vehicle technicians on site to help with any queries that you may have with regards on how to use our products. Our staff have over 55 years of experience between them can therefore give excellent first hand experience on how to repair or repaint anything. Whilst you are waiting to have your paint mixed, you can sit and relax with a cup of tea or coffee and browse through a magazine, safe in the knowledge that you are buying a quality product from an experienced company.

We are not just about paint and car repairs. We also have a good range of car valeting products, many of which you can also use in the home. Need a long brush to clean your conservatory roof? Then pop in and take a look at our truck washing brushes. Car upholstery cleaner can work equally well on a sofa or dining room chair.We even stock washing up liquid and disinfectant! If you are thinking of decorating your home, come and see us to get masking paper, film, masking tape and disposable gloves. We are much cheaper than many of the DIY stores